about NarSysTech

Building self-aware technologies for the oil & gas Industry

Over the past decade, drilling contractors and operators have steadily marched toward more automated drilling processes and practices which is a precursor to more cognitive and ultimately conscious system architectures. These new architectures will continue to evolve from recognizing decision points and providing operators with options, to actually taking decisions with little to no operator input. NarSysTech believes that drilling operations are leading the industry along this evolutionary path, and that stimulation operations will be quick to follow.

The first step up this evolutionary ladder is automating the data collection and analysis which is why NarSysTech's first offerings focus on the real-time aggregation of data need to build and update the real-time model needed to make more dynamic decisions.

why choose us?

NarSysTech is an innovative software company with a proven record of providing unique and powerful technologies that enable our clients to more effectively analyze and produce from ever more challenging fields.


Follow a path similar to drilling technologies by providing more automated data collection and real-time analysis for the stimulation market..

Our mission

To increase the economics of unconventional oil & gas reservoirs by making "factory operations" more self-aware through an automated collection, analysis and decision framework.


NarSysTech was formed in June of 2016 through the acquisition of a source code license to S2S Systems real-time visual integration platform, with a focus on re-directing the technology toward more self aware technologies.


NarSysTech recognizes that every service provider has unique technologies, services and processing capabilities that often require specialized handling to fully integrated into our Production Potential Modeling based applications. This may involve specialized training, custom software integration or extension of existing PPM capabilities. NarSysTech partners with thiese service providers to ensure that their specialized technology, service or processing capabilities are fully integrated into our PPM, extending the value of their unique capabilities.


When you think about a lot of technology breakthroughs, they are not from great visions, they are people focused on single problems.

Larry Nichols - 2017
Chairman Emeritus of Devon

Wall street wants the industry to show more consistency in results, and one of the keys is technology

David Hager - 2016
President & CEO of Devon

If you need a machine and don't buy it, then ultimately you will find that you have paid for it but don't have it.

Henry Ford

Several times in the past we thought we were running out of oil, when actually we were running out of ideas

Park Dickey - 1958
Tulsa University Professor

Stuart A. Jackson

A graduate from the Colorado School of Mines, Mr. Jackson has spent his entire career working with start-up technology companies, from early bottom cable and wireless seismic acquisition service and product companies, to software ventures focused on quality control systems, immersive visualization and real-time analysis. Developing one of the first real-time quality control system for seismic acquisition, leading the development of immersive interpretation platforms, and building a dynamic drill targeting solution. His most recent endeavor, NarSysTech, is focused on providing software solutions that bring more self-awareness to the exploitation of unconventional oil and gas assets through the real-time integration, modeling and analysis of production, drilling and stimulation data.