Real-time Drainage Analysis

NarSysTech’s Realtime Drainage Analysis (RDA) represents a unique real-time capability, built using our patent pending Production Potential Model (PPM), to provide operators with the insight required to assess treatment efficiency and in turn, more effectively design and evaluate stimulation plans, more accurately predict and avoid well interference and increase production rates and recovery factors. Recognizing the benefits of standardized drilling and completion plans, RDA provides a tool to continuously evaluate plan effectiveness and make pressure, rate, volume and proppant load adjustments that optimize the producing volume, without changing stimulation layout

Production Guided Interpolation

The largest impact on a reservoirs acoustic and electro-magnetic response is related to fluid changes caused by production activities. NarSysTech’s Production Guided Interpolation (PGI) uses our patent pending Production Potential Model (PPM) to compute an interpolation scalar for each sample based on the drainage impact at that discrete location and time. These time-dependent scalars are then applied to the supplied time-lapse volumes to determine a more realistic interpolated volume at any time